Wally Hall Jr.

Memorial Steelhead Fishing Derby

A legacy on the River

Wally Hall Jr. Memorial Steelhead Fishing Derby

The Wally Hall Jr. Memorial Fishing Derby is a tribute to Wally Hall Jr. and his family, who loved to fish and created many memories fishing along the Chilliwack and Vedder River. 

Organized and supported by Freds Custom Tackle, Fishing with Rod, Chilliwack Fish and Game Protective Society,  anglers register into the annual derby. The derby typically runs from December 1 to March 15 each year. The registration fees are donated to Fraser Valley Watersheds Coalition to continue stewarding and restoring the Chilliwack and Vedder River and key tributaries. The goal is to encourage our community to get outside, connect with each other and the river, and through fishing, contribute towards the river's conservation and well-being.

While a derby is not for everyone, you can still donate to the Wally Hall Jr. Memorial Fund and your donation will be used specifically for the Chilliwack and Vedder river watershed to support salmon habitat and stewardship efforts.


If you are interested in registering for the Wally Hall Jr. Memorial Fishing Derby, please contact Fred's Custom Tackle by clicking the button below. 


How are the donations used? 

Interested in learning more about the results of these donations? See the latest Derby Presentation. 

2019 Derby Presentation
2018 Derby Presentation
2017 Derby Presentation
2016 Derby Presentation
2015 Derby Presentation


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